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Low Vision Therapy


Dr. Michael Madigan is well known for the low-vision rehabilitation work he does with patients who have experienced visual loss as a result of eye diseases such as macular degeneration, congenital macular dystrophies, glaucoma, retinitis pigmentosa, diabetic retinopathy, double vision etc.


Vision rehabilitation maximizes your visual functioning, so you can achieve your visual goals and enjoy a better quality of life. Your individual rehabilitation plan may include prescription glasses or contact lenses, optical and electronic magnification devices, assistive technology, glare control with therapeutic filters, contrast enhancement, eccentric viewing, visual field enhancement, non-optical options and referral for additional services with other professionals. Dr. Madigan will assess exactly what makes sense for you, and then develop and implement a plan that will help make a difference.


What to Expect During a Low vision exam:  When you have a low vision exam, Dr. Madigan will first ask you for a complete personal and family-general health and eye history. In addition, he will concentrate on your visual difficulties, asking about how the visual impairment is affecting your life - your daily activities, computer use, reading, traveling, ability to recognize faces, functioning in the kitchen, driving, working, television viewing, attending school, and enjoying your hobbies. Dr. Madigan will also perform a specialized refraction, assess current visual abilities, and thoroughly examine the structures of each eye. He may also need to assess your peripheral vision and take retinal images. At the conclusion of the evaluation, Dr. Madigan will create a comprehensive, individual rehabilitation plan based on your unique visual abilities and goals.

Low Vision Resources


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 When you see more clearly, you can live life more fully! We want to help make that possible. And with the technology and expertise available to you at Rhinebeck Eye Care, you can more clearly see and enjoy moments and memories that will enhance your entire life experience. We are ready to see you in our Rhinebeck NY or Hudson NY office locations; make your appointment today.

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